Welcome to Dionne Michele Creative, I'm so glad you're here! 


You know how they say "the things you love as a child sometimes come back to you as an adult?" Yeah? Well that's exactly what happened with me and my love for photography and creativity! My passion goes way back to getting my very first pink Minnie Mouse camera as a kid lol. You could catch me just snapping away on that thing everyday, It carried over into my very first job at a marketing, advertising & pr firm where I was able to learn and explore various  forms of creativity. Those experiences plus lots of in between have shaped what I enjoy doing today!

I love capturing authentic images of beautiful people and places, and translating that beauty through my lens to happy clients. The cool part about this journey is that I'm passing this love down to my family! You can find each of them (there are five y'all) doing something creatively right along with me.